Saturday, January 12, 2013

BBY - Week 2

Week 2 commenced with no small amount of planking on the new Sonny. For us, that meant that while one of us was planking the boat and cleaning up the outside, the other got to have excess epoxy drop onto them sporadically as they tried to clean up the inside of the boat. The planking was great fun... The epoxy cleanup wasn't too bad until you went home and had to try to get it all out of your hair. It didn't seem like quite as much fun at that point.

After a couple days of that, we took epoxy putty and smeared every screw hole and gap in the planks... As you can see, it adds up to an awful lot of putty, but with the entire crew either applying putty or grinding it even with the hull the whole process took just over a day.
The new Sonny after the first layer of planking and puttying
The next day began the placement of veneers, which involves planking the boat diagonally with 6 in wide, up to 18 ft long cedar planks. Luckily these go on dry at this point (cutting down on cleanup immensely) and after only a day and a half of work, we have almost a layer and a half done.
The new Sonny with just over half of the veneers placed
Once two layers have been placed (probably early next week), they'll all have to come off then get put back on over a layer of epoxy and vacuum bagged one side of the boat at a time.

Fun facts from this week; apparently we're from Estonia and my name is Helga... At least that's the story going around the yard.

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  1. Time lapse would be cool. The GoPro will do it automatically with the right setup.